Headlight restoration

Damaged Headlight Lenses Can easily block 70% of the light produced from ever reaching the road! This can make driving at night or in poor weather conditions very dangerous! We also can’t forget the appearance part – Damaged head lights look horrible!

Over time, your headlights are exposed to the sun’s rays, flying debris, bug guts, salt… you name it. When your headlights become scratched, pitted, yellow, hazy and oxidized Pro Tint has all the right tools to fix and protect them from doing this again. More good news is that the damage is only on the surface (as seen below).

With a few steps we can make your head lights look as good as new! By restoring clarity to the lens you improve the performance of the headlight and enhance the appearance of the vehicle.

headlight protection

Stop the damage before it starts!

Once the head lights are restored we can use Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) to protect them from becoming damaged again. This is also a great idea for new cars so you never have to worry about your head lights becoming damaged.

This Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) we use on the front of the cars to protect them from rock chips is the same film that we use to protect the head lights.